Byetta Lawsuit New Information about Byetta Side Effects

Byetta Lawsuit Information


Although Byetta Lawsuits are already being filed due a links between Byetta and potentially fatal side effects, a news release published by the FDA on March 14th 2013 is likely to increase the number of Byetta Lawsuit cases being filed. Byetta and other similar drugs, including Januvia are approved by the FDA to treat adult patients suffering from type 2 Diabetes. The News release published by the FDA states that the FDA is reviewing research that suggest an increase risk of Byetta Side Effects linked to serious pancreatic problems.  The study being reviewed by the FDA indicates that users of Byetta are at a higher risk of developing pancreatitis as well as pre-cancerous pancreatic conditions. The study being reviewed by the FDA occurred after a number of deaths were linked to Pancreatic conditions to  Byetta and other similar drugs.

Byetta Class Action Lawsuit Information

At this time we are not aware of the existence of a Byetta Class Action Lawsuit. However, it is important to note that a Byetta Class Action Lawsuit does not have to exist for any individual that has suffered from severe Byetta Side Effects to file an individual Byetta Lawsuit. It is possible that a Byetta Class Action Lawsuit may be formed however it is more likely that a Byetta Multidistrict Litigation will be formed if any Byetta Mass Action Lawsuit is formed. Class Action Lawsuits and Multidistrict Litigation’s are very similar but not identical. Both forms of Byetta Litigation would serve to consolidate Byetta Lawsuits into a single court however, individuals with existing Byetta Lawsuits can elect to  join any mass action that is formed or maintain their Byetta Lawsuit case in the court in which it was originally filed.

Byetta FDA Recall

At this point the FDA has not indicated any intention of implementing a Byetta Recall or a recall on any of the other drugs covered in the study being conducted. The FDA Recall process is generally very slow and A Byetta Recall is would only be likely to occur if the FDA determines that the risks associated with Byetta outweigh the Benefits of the drug. The process that the FDA uses to make Recall decisions seems somewhat arbitrary and predicting whether or not the FDA may issue a Byetta Recall at some point in the future is really not possible. Regardless of whether the FDA issues a Byetta Recall or not, individuals who have suffered from severe Byetta Side Effects may still be eligible to file a Byetta Lawsuit.  It is not necessary that the FDA  issue a recall on a drug in order for lawsuits to be filed over the side effects related to that drug.


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